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Terms of Service:

  • If You are going to stay in our house, we would like You to enjoy Your stay, without disturbing other guests.
  • All noisy entertainments is prohibited. In the city there are a lot of places where You can have a good time.
  • Returning home early in the morning, please respect the fact that other guests may already be sleeping.
  • For entrance to Your room You'll get the keys. Charged for lost keys 10 EUR (35 LTL) fee.
  • Smoking in rooms is prohibited. If You feel the need to smoke, then please do it outside or on the balcony. Also, do not leave rubbish or cigarette ends, in places not intended.
  • If you intend to bring your beloved pet, please make sure it is aligned with us.
  • Check-in time: from 14.00 pm.
  • Check-out time: until 12.00 pm.

   Information about reservation:

  • Payment methods: cash / money transfers in LTL or EUR.
  • When booking, You must pay at least 30% of the total amount due in cash or by bank transfer to our bank account. Reserved after the receipt of the money.
  • Cancellation of Booking: booking fees shall be not refunded.
  • In the payment order, please provide your name, room number and rest time (from till).
  • Your stay time is, from the date of arrival from 14.00 pm. up to date of departure till 12.00 pm.

Requisites for payments:

Beneficiary name ANA PUSKORIENE
Beneficiary address RONZES 23 PALANGA LITHUANIA
Beneficiary bank account number LT367300010010216030 
Beneficiary bank name AB SWEDBANK 
Beneficiary bank code 73000 


- "Ronžės 23" has the right to change terms of services and booking